Useful Resources for Parents

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School opens: 8.50am
Classes begin: 9.00am
Break times: 10.20-10.30am or 10.35-10.45am
Lunch times: 11.55-12.25pm or 12.30-1.00pm
School finishes for Junior and Senior Infants at 1.30pm
School finishes for 1st-6th classes at 2.30pm
After school activities finish at 3.30pm (unless otherwise arranged)

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The School opens to receive pupils at 8.50am each morning.  The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for pupils arriving before this time. Children are allowed into the school yard before this time because it is considered unwise to leave them outside in the church grounds; (cars enter and leave the grounds before and after mass). However the Board of Management does not take responsibility for supervision and the children are on the premises at their own risk. Parents are regularly notified about this arrangement and new parents are made aware of this arrangement. (See enclosed letter)

The school bell is rung at 8.50am and children line up with their class. They are then escorted into their classrooms by their teacher.

During inclement weather children are admitted onto the corridor on the ground floor before 8.50am but are not allowed into classrooms. Although parents are aware that the school is not responsible for the children until 8.50am the Principal or a teacher may monitor the corridor during this period.

In St. Christopher’s lessons start at 9.00am and so children who arrive in school after 9.00am must sign in; a record is kept in each class of such tardiness and parents’ attention is drawn to it if there is a persistent pattern.  We emphasise the importance of the time a child spends in school and punctuality is paramount.


Children in Junior Infants and Senior Infants finish school at 1.30pm.  They are split into two groups, namely children going to an After School facility and those going home. The After School group exit via the back door. This is supervised by a teacher. Children in external After School Services must be signed out by the receiving adult.

Children in Junior and Senior Infants who are going home exit via the front door.  Junior Infants are let out first, starting ar 1.25pm. Senior Infants are let out at 1.30pm. The children line up in the hallway and are individually called by their teachers when their parents arrive.  Parents are required to submit a form naming the adults who are authorised to collect their children.  This form is retained by the class teachers and can be amended as necessary.

Children not collected by 1.40pm are supervised by the secretary, in the office downstairs.

Classes end each day at 2.30pm for 1st-6th classes. Each class teacher escorts her class to the door. Children descending the stairs are trained in walking safely on the stairs, and are required to hold the banister.  For safety reasons, 1st Class pupils are let out first, starting ar 2.25pm.

Children in 1st and 2nd classes are called individually when their parents arrive. Parents who wish to have their children escorted home meet the children in the playground; children in 3rd-6th classes may go out to the playground but are instructed to come back in immediately if their parents are not there. The door is closed by 2.40pm. The school is not responsible for children after this time. However, should a child be left in school after this time they go to the office and wait to be collected.

After School Activities

Children who remain in school for After School activities are supervised by the relevant teacher and are then escorted to the door at the end of the lesson. Children not collected at this point are brought to the office to be supervised if necessary. A phone call may be made to the parent to ascertain who is responsible for collection.

Occasionally children are required to come into school early (eg: for a choir practice).  The relevant teacher accepts responsibility for those children during the session and returns them to their class line-up at 8.50am.

Pupil Insurance: In September each year parents are given the opportunity to purchase additional Personal Pupil Insurance for their children. This is administered by the school and arranged through Allianz.

Useful Resources for Parents

Well being Tip Sheets for parents

Support your child returning to school:
Support your child if Covid-19 impacts their school day:


Some activities below will have instructional videos, other have instructions written out below or as downloadable PDF’s. It’s better for the environment to try avoid printing these PDF’s where possible.


The heart activities focus on understanding and managing feelings. These activities will support your children to foster feelings of kindness for themselves and others. Together you can help your child to learn more words to describe their feelings and support the daily practice of recognising how things make us feel.

Worry Monster Box.docx

Talk About Worries

Draw your own feelings card

Updated Finger Painting Feelings.docx

Family Love Jar

Family Guiding Words

Kind Wishes Meditation

Feelings Sing Along – Hokey Pokey

Feelings Book


The Body activities are divided into breathing activities   and muscle relaxations – activities to help your child release tension from their body and to increase their sense of calmness. (TIP: The best time to teach a breathing technique is when the child is calm.)

Finger Breathing

Flower Breathing

Belly Breathing

Breathing Cards

Sensory Bag Kit

New! – Whole Lotta Love (Movement Activity)

Do The Bear Walk

Weather Dice

Rainbow Rice

Deep Breath Like a Blowfish!

Tissue Dance


The Mind activities will support your child to have an awareness of their own thoughts and learn how to increase positive thoughts.  It will help the whole family be more present with each other.

Affirmation Cards

Glitter Jar (Mind Jar)

Updated! Draw your 1st day back at school

Reflective Journal

New! Note to say…..I Love You

Gratitude Journal

A Year in the Life

A (paper) chain of Calm

Storytime – A Very Hungary Caterpillar!

Inspirational Stones

Story Time – Cuddle

Wellbeing for Parents

This section is for you, the parent to focus on yourself. We know parents lead very busy lives and during times of stress, parents might be very focused on the wellbeing of their children. This is a gentle reminder that it’s ok to mind yourself too, in fact, it’s important that you look after yourself so you can be completely present for your children.

My Own Wellbeing Plan for the Day

Lets Control the Controlable

Family Rituals

Growth Mindset

Just One Breath

Intention Setting Practice

HIIT Workout for Parents and Kids

Family Guiding Words

15 Minute Yoga Class

Baby Bonding

Sesame Street

I Can Cannot Control

Transitions: Choosing the Right School for You’.
Please click link below for information on various secondary school options for your child.